Does Your Dog Have A 
Jumping Problem?
Stop Apologizing. And Stop Feeling Embarrassed.  
If You're Willing To Invest Just 7 Days 
(Just 5 Minutes Per Day) 
I Can Show You How To Fix This ... 
If You're Willing To Invest Just 7 Days (Just 5 Minutes Per Day) I Can Show You How To Fix This ... 

It doesn’t matter how friendly your dog is:

If you’ve got a dog that greets people by excitedly jumping up … or worse, BARKING and jumping up …

… You are probably always apologizing for your dog.

"I'm so sorry... he's friendly, I swear..."

And you feel embarrassed, right?
"I'm so sorry... He's friendly, I swear..."
Dogs that jump up scare people, plain and simple.

Even “dog people” who LOVE dogs have a moment when they pause and pull back when your dog is flying at them…

They wonder: “Is this dog REALLY friendly?”

Everyone SAYS their dog is friendly, but lots aren’t.  

So your reassurance of “he’s friendly” doesn’t help in the moment. Plus, nobody likes having their nice clothes dirtied by a dog with no manners.

Even when folks say, “Oh it’s okay, don’t worry about it…” 

... You know they’re annoyed, and you feel embarrassed.
So How Do You Stop A Dog From Being
Stopping a dog from jumping SEEMS like it should be EASY … right?

And you’ve probably been given lots of advice.

People say things like:
  • Knee him in the chest!
  •  Walk right into him.  
  •  Spray him in the face with water. 
  •  Ignore the dog. 
  •  Lock him up every time he jumps. 
  •  Put your hands up in the air and say NO!  
  •  Turn your back on him.  
  •  Face a corner until your dog stops. 
The funniest example I ever saw was a couple who were told by a professional dog trainer to go stand in a corner every time their dog jumped up on them.

Huh? Your dog is jumping up?

So you need to put yourself in a time out, in the corner???

Their dog would continue to jump on them, on their backs, while trying to push his way into the corner to see what was going on.

It was a disaster.  And a huge time waster.

They were spending 10-15 minutes doing this each time!
The #1 Reason Why Your Dog JUMPS
(And why this matters.)  
Why is it so difficult to teach dogs to stop JUMPING UP?

It’s because jumping is what we call a “self-rewarding behavior.”

Your dog is excited. He wants attention. So he jumps on you … or the guest to your house … or that stranger at the park.

And ta da!

He now has your full attention … and their full attention …

Most people attempt to stop jumping up behaviors by either:
  • Punishing the dog with negative attention, or
  • Ignoring the dog.
But these strategies often don’t work because if you’re punishing the dog, he’s still being rewarded with ATTENTION – it’s just negative attention.

And ignoring the dog is often inconvenient … and it’s difficult to get surprise GUESTS and STRANGERS to ignore the dog … so you’re inconsistent! 

And this means the dog is STILL GETTING attention SOME of the time!

So again, it’s still self-rewarding behavior.
What Else Can You Do?
So if ignoring your dog doesn’t work …

And if punishing doesn’t work …

What else can you do? 

How DO YOU stop a dog from jumping up?

The secret is teaching your dog an ALTERNATIVE WAY to get attention.   

A better way to get attention...
Give Your Dog A MORE FUN Way To Get BETTER Attention!
Give Your Dog A MORE FUN Way 
To Get BETTER Attention!
How do we do this?

It’s not difficult, and it’s fast to teach using my #1 rated program: “Jump Control.”
I get emails every day from people who have dogs that jump up…

Dogs they’ve tried to train, but can’t.

I know the challenges you face if you’re new to the concept of “self-rewarding behaviors” and how to use them to your advantage when training your dog.

I know how EASY it can be to ACCIDENTALLY train bad habits using bad advice.

So I created a simple solution that makes this fix accessible for everyone.

If you’re willing to invest just $7 and 7 days in training your dog (just 5 minutes a day) then I can help stop your dog’s JUMPING.
A Simple Fix That's FUN For Your Dog

(And EASY For You!)
What you’ll love about Jump Control is that it’s simple:

You’ll see results quickly, without a big investment of time or money.

You want your dog to stop jumping? No problem! 

I’m going to show you the FUN, EASY WAY to get this result.
No Wasting Time & Money Attending
Weeks and Weeks of Dog Obedience Classes
There’s no need to spend 8 weeks and $150-$200 driving back and forth to dog training classes at your local Big Box Petstore. 

I find these classes to be “hit or miss” anyway. 

You don’t know who the trainer will be … you don’t know how many other dogs will be in the class… you don’t know what baggage other dogs and their owners will come with …

A single "bad" dog and obnoxious owner can RUIN an entire class.

That’s $150-$200 FLUSHED down the toilet.
No Spending $1000+ On Private Help 
From Professional Dog Trainers
If your toilet is plugged, hiring a plumber for $150 to fix the problem is probably overkill, right?  When you could easily fix it yourself with a $6.99 plunger?

Hiring a professional dog trainer at a rate $100-$200 per hour to come to your home and help train your dog to STOP JUMPING is the same. 

It’s overkill. 

Yes, sometimes you need a professional dog trainer’s help.  Like if your dog is aggressive. 

In the case of jumping, though, I know from over a decade of doing this:

YOU ARE THE BEST PERSON to train your dog to stop jumping.

Too often, hired trainers only teach YOUR DOG to stop jumping on THEM. They don’t spend enough time with your dog to transfer this lesson to you, your family, strangers, etc.

Pretty frustrating if they’re charging you $100-$200 per hour!
Proof This Works
Even for DIFFICULT CASE “rescue” dogs…
When the average dog owner is empowered with the RIGHT TRAINNG, it’s easy to teach your dog to keep all four paws politely on the ground.

In fact, most people who try “Jump Control” tell me they see results FAST!

In the first 7 days – often sooner.

Even when training “tough case” rescue dogs:
“If I Could Only Teach A Dog One Exercise,
This Would Be It!”
Hey Chet, I LOVE this game!  I work in the rescue world as a foster for labs and lab mixes. I can't tell you how many times, and in how many different situations, THIS exercise has saved the day! 

If I could only teach a dog one exercise, this would be the one! Thanks for sharing it in this easy to follow format!  - Stacey C.
“Puts Me In A Position Of Control.” 
First of all, I want to thank you for this very helpful training program. 

Your training has been great and puts me in a position of feeling I am in control, not him! 

-  Shelley M.
“Puts Me In A Position Of Control.” 
First of all, I want to thank you for this very helpful training program. 

Your training has been great and puts me in a position of feeling I am in control, not him! 

-  Shelley M.
“I Still Can’t Believe How Much Progress We Have Made.” 
I still can't believe how much progress we have made… I recommend it to everyone I know that has dogs. 

Thanks Chet for not only making this program, but also making it affordable. I spent $1000 on in-home trainers before this and didn’t make nearly as much progress.  Perret M.
Works For All Dogs...  All Ages + Breeds! 
Your dog doesn’t need any prior training to learn “Jump Control.”

And you don’t either.

This program:
  • Works even if you’ve NEVER trained a dog before.
  • Works for dogs of all breeds, sizes, and ages. 
  • Works for a wide variety of temperaments.  
Because “Jump Control” makes training your dog simple and fun:

I’ll teach you everything you need to know in a series of fun videos that use real dogs, in real-life situations.

And then I’ll teach you a series of FUN GAMES that you’ll play with your dog…

… To keep these “STOP JUMPING” lessons fast-paced, quick to teach, and easy for your dog to learn.
Transforms Most Dogs Within 7 Days 
Of Starting To Play These Games...
What can you expect using Jump Control?

Within 7 days of starting to play these ALTERNATIVE BEHAVIOR training games, you dog will:  
  •  “Sit, Stay, Wait” automatically when the doorbell rings.
  •  Wait patiently (happily, with tail wagging) to say “HELLO” 
  •  Respect personal space. 
  •  Won’t JUMP or be PUSHY. 
  •  Will NOT invade personal bubbles. 
  •  When invited, ay “HELLO” calmly, with all four paws on the floor.  
Jump Control works because it’s FAR MORE than just basic obedience:
It teaches your dog to CONTROL his emotions and impulses. 

At the front door. On walks at the park. Visiting friends. Everywhere!

Your dog will learn more appropriate ways to express his excitement, fear, anxiety, and happiness.

With all four paws on the ground.

And these are skills that you’ll see improve your dog’s OVERALL behavior, in a wide variety of social and home settings …
More Than Just A “NO JUMPING” 
Training Program …
Jump Control does more than just train your dog to stop jumping …

Play these games with your dog for 5 minutes per day, for the next week, and it won’t be long before he’ll be obeying ALL VERBAL COMMANDS, whenever you give them.

Tell your dog to “sit”… “stay”… “go to your bed” … “wait” … or whatever other command you choose – and he’ll LISTEN!

Because once you understand how my ALTERNATIVE BEHAVIOR COMMAND (ABC) technique works to teach your dog to start controlling his emotions and impulses, you’ll be able to correct other bad habits your dog might have, too.

Results you can expect include:
  • A dog who’s respectful whenever guests enter your home.  
  •  Full control of your dog’s attention, even when people PRAISE and PET your dog (i.e. this isn’t “permission” for your dog to go crazy).  
  •  A dog who delivers the SAME CALM BEHAVIORS at home, at the park, visiting friends’ homes, out in public – anywhere!  
  •  100% control even when NEW PEOPLE and NEW DOGS approach you by surprise in public.  
  •  A friendly CALM “welcome home” from your dog – instead of a dog that’s going crazy jumping on you.  
  •  No more dirty/ruined clothes because your dog wouldn’t stop jumping.  
  •  A dog who “BACKS OFF” on command (perfect for giving extra space to people who are scared of dogs).  
  •  A dog who is extra polite around children, the elderly, and disabled.   
With the help of Jump Control, you’ll never again feel embarrassed because your dog doesn’t listen to you.

Family and friends will be happy to visit your home …

And RELAXED entering your front door …

Because your dog will no longer be out of control!
Exactly What You Need
... NO Fluff, NO Wasting Time!
Jump Control is unique because it isolates the impulse to jump – and offers you a solution that’s 100% focused on this SINGLE PROBLEM.

Of course, jumping occurs in many scenarios:
A guest arrives at your home … you’re at the park … you’re entering a friend’s house … a child approaches on the street … a new dog rushes you on the sidewalk … you arrive home from work … 

And on the list goes!

Jump Control focuses on helping you STOP JUMPING in all of these scenarios.

So you can finally relax knowing:
  • Your dog isn’t going to scare anyone
  •  Your dog isn’t going to ruin clothes 
  •  Your dog isn’t going to accidentally hurt a child 
  •  Your dog isn’t going to knock someone over 
  •  Your dog won’t hurt another dog 
  •  Your dog won’t suddenly BOLT & RUN after a distraction 
  •  Your won’t embarrass you by being TOO EXCITED 
Your dog will keep all four paws on the ground and express his happiness and excitement in much calmer, friendlier ways.

Even in extremely challenging situations where there’s lots of distractions, noises, and high levels of excitement.

Plus your dog will just generally learn to react more calmly situations.
Comes With Everything You See Here:
(A total package value of $97, yours for just $7)
Please note this 93% DISCOUNT expires soon!
Jump Control comes with everything you see here including:
  • Videos that teach you my “Alternative Behavior Command” (ABC) technique – all the background information you need to get started. 
  • Demonstrations using REAL DOGS in REAL TRAINING scenarios, so you understand how to apply this to YOUR DOG. (These demo dogs are NOT pre-trained; they’re starting with the SAME problem behaviors as your dog!) 
  • A series of 5 TRAINING GAMES that you’ll play with your dog – making this training fun and easy for both you AND your dog! 
  •  Watch on-demand, 100% online – access it all from your smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer. (Even download them.)  
Plus, 2 Special BONUS GIFTS:
Printable CHEAT SHEETS, for training on-the-go!
By popular request, I’ve recently added these cheat sheets to Jump Control!

They’re extremely handy to keep nearby the first couple of times you play the games. Plus, they eliminate the need for you to take notes!

Just watch the videos… print the cheat sheets… and GO!
Mastering The Foundation Skills (VIDEO)    
Teaching a dog to reliably “Sit, Stay” is something most dog owners struggle with.

Yet it's the PERFECT command for preventing BAD BEHAVIORS before they happen when you’re out in the real world.

So for BONUS GIFT #2, I'm going to send you this "Mastering The Foundation Skills" VIDEO. 

And show you how to teach a rock solid “Sit, Stay” in just a few days...

... Building from an EASY Level 1 "Sit, Stay" at home, with no distractions, to a DIFFICULT Level 9 and Level 10 "Sit, Stay" with high levels of distractions.

So your dog can be trusted to “Sit, Stay” waiting calmly for you, no matter what is going on.
If You Have 7 Days And $7, I Have The SOLUTION To Your Dog's Jumping Problem... I Guarantee It, Or Your Money Back.
There’s no risk in trying Jump Control today.

If you have 7 days and $7 to invest, I have the solution to your dog’s jumping problem.

I guarantee it or your money back.

Because while this program normally sells for $97, right now... 

... My only motivation is to win your trust and respect.
With the hope that once you’ve had success with Jump Control, you’ll try some of my other, more advanced training programs, too.  

(Like my K9 Companion Service Dog Training program, that teaches your dog to be as calm and well mannered as a service dog by learning to JOBS for you.)

So I’m inviting you try Jump Control for just $7

Far less than you’d pay for dog obedience classes ($150-$200 for 8 weeks)…

Far less than you’d pay for private help from a professional dog trainer ($100-$200 per hour)…

A 93% DISCOUNT OFF the regular $97 it's sold for...
With guaranteed results in 60 days or your money back.

It’s that simple .
Lock In Your 93% Discount And 
Grab Your Copy For Just $7 Today!
Please note this 93% DISCOUNT ends SOON!
So now it’s time to decide…

Will you continue to struggle with a dog who frightens and annoys people with unwanted jumping behaviors?

Will you continue to feel frustrated and embarrassed?

Or, will you invest the $7 in Jump Control to learn how to turn “self-rewarding behaviors” to your ADVANTAGE and use Alternative Behavior Commands (ABC) to teach your dog to control his emotions and impulses…

… And start listening to you?

Remember, your results are guaranteed! I’m taking all the risk.

Not only do you get Jump Control for a ridiculous 93% DISCOUNT OFF today, for just $7.

But it also comes with my generous 60-Day Money Back Guarantee.

So you have nothing to lose … 

... And a completely TRANSFORMED relationship with your dog to gain.
Chet Womach
Founder of

P.S. Please take action and own your copy today while you’re still reading. There’s no risk, no reason at all not to try "Jump Control" yourself.

Remember the 93% discount expires soon!

This will be your only chance to get it for $7 with RESULTS GUARANTEED or your money back.
Chet Womach's "Jump Control Training"

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In case we haven’t met before, my name is Chet Womach, and I am compelled by a vision to help simplify how dog owners communicate with their dogs, so that they can finally have the loyal, obedient dog they've always wanted.

Without resorting to scolding, yelling, or punishment!

Unlike most dog trainers, my training philosophy was born out of my early efforts training exotic, undomesticated animals.  These experiences opened my eyes and made me realize—there are a LOT of effective ways to motivate and train animals…

… Training methods that are far more sophisticated than the typical “carrot and stick” methods taught by nearly all other dog trainers. It is my hope that on this website I can help you come to that same realization, too. :-)

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