Stop Your Dog From Barking At The Door And Being Waaay Too Excited When Guests Arrive!

Discover The Magic Replacement Behavior That ANY Dog Can Learn… So That A Ringing Doorbell Instantly Triggers Even The Most Hyper, Over-Excited Dog To Automatically Perform THIS *Calm* Behavior – Without A Single Word From You!

(Even With Lots Of Distractions—Like Cats, Pizza, Or Kids!)

DO THIS… And You’ll Never Again Suffer The Embarrassment Of Apologizing For Your Dog BEFORE Saying “Hello” To Guests!

Dear Friend,

Does your dog go NUTS every time your doorbell rings? 

Or, whenever someone KNOCKS at your front door?

Is your dog barking like crazy…?  Jumping on the door…?  Crowding the door, and making it difficult to open…?   Does he PUSH past you, running onto the front porch?  Nearly pushing your guests off the steps?

Are you too busy APOLOGIZING for your dog’s pushy, out-of-control behaviors to say a polite “HELLO” to your guests?

Are you frustrated and embarrassed that a circus erupts at your front door—every time the doorbell rings…

… Yet you feel powerless to stop it?

Well, then you’ll want to pay close attention to this! 

Because in the next few minutes, I’m going to reveal how in just 72 hours, you can transform your dog’s behavior!

So whenever your doorbell rings, your dog is INSTANTLY TRIGGERED to:

Perform THIS amazing, calm behavior… AUTOMATICALLY, without a single word from you!

And then WAIT patiently and quietly for his reward!

So finally, there will be…

No More Racing To The Door!

The doorbell rings… and what happens? 

Before you can even BLINK your dog is racing across the house, barking like a maniac, wild with excitement…

Who’s here???  Who’s here??? 

Who’s going to pet me?  

Do I like this person? 

Do I know them?

Do I need to be on guard?

Every time the doorbell rings, you’re taken by surprise…

… And your dog is off and running, ten steps ahead of you!

So all you can do is chase him across the house and drag him away from the door, apologizing to your guests.

Well, NO MORE!

Because when you watch my NEW “Guest Manners For Dogs” Video Training Program – you’ll see exactly how easy it is to transform your dog…

… By simply replacing the *negative* DOOR RUSHING & BARKING behavior with a new, positive CALM behavior!

Sound impossible or hard…? It’s really not!

In fact, teach your dog this behavior using the step-by-step training I filmed for you using a REAL dog that was NOT previously trained to this technique …

…  And I’m willing to GUARANTEE:

You’ll soon own a dog that everyone praises for excellent manners and outstanding behavior, whenever they enter your home.  

Especially since there will be …

No More Jumping On The Door… Or Guests!

A jumping dog is intimidating!  

Admit it… Even if your dog is super friendly, how many times have you seen your guests BACK AWAY, because your dog is jumping on the door…  or worse, bursting through the door to jump on THEM!

Every dog can be trained NOT to jump!

But guess what…?

With “Guest Manners For Dogs” we’re going to teach your dog something
even better… (or, at least EASIER to start)…

… We’re going to teach your dog to GO AWAY from your guests (again, without a word from you), and wait quietly in a spot AWAY from the door, for his reward.

That’s right … When the doorbell rings, or there’s a knock, your dog
will LEAP UP and go to this place to wait for your next command.

And he will be SO ENGAGED in this completely *different* activity that you’ve trained him to believe is so much fun… and worth the wait… he won’t go anywhere near your guests.

So he can’t (and won’t) jump on them!

Plus, even better, there will be …

No More Barking From Behind The Door!  

Nobody wants to enter a house where there’s a dog going wild barking behind the door…  You know that.  

Even a small, friendly dog can sound SCARY from behind a door!

It’s not how anyone should be welcomed to your home.  

So let’s change that behavior!

In fact, let’s ELIMINATE door barking entirely…

Again, when the doorbell rings, your dog will know that’s his cue to perform this CALM BEHAVIOR – and wait for your next command.

And since I’ll show you how to effortlessly train this replacement behavior using high levels of distraction, your dog will be completely prepared for the day that Aunt Evelyn arrives at your door with a cat in her purse…

… Or your neighbor arrives with a large bag of freshly caught trout!

Or your son’s Baseball Team all tromps in the front door carrying pizza and hotdogs…

… Your dog will just think it’s another one of your TRICKS!

So he’ll be waiting EXTRA PATIENTLY for his BIG REWARD for staying calmly in place!

Which means, in the near future, there will be …

No More Apologizing For Your Dog

How many times have you brushed DOG HAIR off a guest?

Or wiped dog slobber or drool off their hands or pants?

How many times have you dragged your dog out of the room, away from guests, and locked him away because he just couldn’t BEHAVE?

Ugh.  It’s embarrassing, right? 

And a little sad, too?  A family dog shouldn’t have to be locked away or punished every time a guest arrives, right?

Well… good news… 

You aren’t going to own THAT DOG for much longer.  And you aren’t going to be THAT DOG OWNER for much longer either! ;-)

Because pretty soon, your dog will know a completely different way to welcome guests to your home.

So there will be:

  • No More Dangerous Pushing Of Guests On Steps
  • No More Jumping On Or Licking Guests 
  • No More Frightening Young Children Who Arrive At Your Door
  • No More Getting Dog Hair Or Slobber On Guest’s Clothes 
  • No More Greetings Interrupted By Apologies For Your Dog’s Outrageous Behaviors 
  • No More Chasing Your Dog Back In The House


… The doorbell will ring, and your dog will SILENTLY run to his special designated “waiting space.”   

Where he’ll watch quietly as you greet guests.

Where he MIGHT be excited… but he won’t bark!

He’ll stay there as long as you request!

10… 15… even 20 minutes!

Until you give him the REWARD!

(And yes… this EVEN WORKS for dogs who aren’t food motivated!

Because I’m going to introduce you to the concept of “TRAINING REWARDS”, too!)

You’ll Own The Dog That Everyone Loves
… Because He Has Impeccable Guest Manners!

“Guest Manners for Dogs” is like enrolling your dog in Etiquette School…

Even if you’ve got a GOOD DOG now, I guarantee:

Your friends and family will be gobsmacked when they see the transformation.  And I guarantee you’ll be answering more than a few questions about how you trained away this common dog problem!

You’ll probably even hear a few “Dog Whisperer” compliments.

Because I promise, the level of training I’m going to show you how to execute is that which professional trainers would charge you $99 to $150 per hour to train your dog …

(And still, your dog would likely only perform for the TRAINER!)

But it’s not going to cost you hundreds of dollars to teach your dog this…

No… it’s not even going to cost you $20!

Because to celebrate the launch of my NEWEST mini-course for those of you facing really specific challenges you’d like to solve with your dog …

… For the next week I’ve decided to make “Guest Manners For Dogs” available for just $7!

That’s right.

For less than the cost of 2 lint rollers that you’re probably ALREADY buying every month to wipe dog hair off your guests, I’ll send you INSTANT ACCESS to everything seen here including:

Get Instant Access For Just $7
  • The complete “Guest Manners For Dogs” video training program!
  • Instant access to your own private, online viewing center!
  • MP3s of each video--so you can listen in your car or on the electronic device of your choice!
  • Compatible for viewing on any computer, tablet, or mobile device!

Plus, for a limited time, I'm going to throw in this...

Just Added - *SURPRISE* Bonus Video
“Teaching Your Dog To BARK—For Safety!”

If you’ve got a dog that won’t stop barking, TRAINING him to bark might sound counterintuitive.

But most dog owners I speak with tell me that they actually WANT their dog to bark if the situation warrants it. 

Like maybe a creepy salesman is blocking your doorway and won’t leave.  Or maybe you’re taken by surprise by a stranger entering your yard.

A barking dog is intimidating, and makes most people stop and think twice.

So while the focus of “Guest Manners for Dogs” is on *quieting* your dog, in THIS video, I’m going to teach you how to put barking on command.

So that when you NEED your dog to bark, for safety, intimidation, or protection, you can just ask for it.

And you can turn your dog’s barking ON and OFF – like a light switch.

“Bark” is an incredibly useful command… it’s a lot of fun to teach… PLUS, it actually REINFORCES the “quiet” command that you’ll teach in conjunction!

… And yes, you read that right:

This additional training video is yours FREE!

You Can Try It RISK FREE For 60 Days
Thanks To My 100% Money Back Guarantee.

That’s right … even though you get everything seen here for a measly $7, I’m still backing your purchase with a 60-day money back guarantee.

You must be thrilled with the program… and get results with your dog… or I will refund your purchase price!  No questions asked.

(And you can reinvest that $7 in lint brushes. ;-)  

But really, anyone who watch these videos and sees me train a REAL DOG with no prior training learn to do this replacement behavior when the doorbell rings….

And anyone who understands the training techniques that support the entire process…

… Is going to have SUCCESS with their dog!

Get Started In The Next 5 Minutes

So if you’re ready to say GOODBYE to all the unwanted chaos, jumping, and barking every time your doorbell rings...

And if you’re ready to own a dog that everyone praises for EXCELLENT manners and listening, even when there is a high level of distraction…

… Then I encourage you to make the $7 investment today, and let me send you a RISK FREE copy of “Guest Manners For Dogs.”

Click the “Add To Cart” button below, fill out the order form that’ll open, and you’ll have INSTANT ACCESS to the complete “Guest Manners For Dogs” video training program in less than 5 minutes!

Yes, I Want to Stop My Dog's Barking For Only $7

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Without resorting to scolding, yelling, or punishment!

Unlike most dog trainers, my training philosophy was born out of my early efforts training exotic, undomesticated animals.  These experiences opened my eyes and made me realize—there are a LOT of effective ways to motivate and train animals…

… Training methods that are far more sophisticated than the typical “carrot and stick” methods taught by nearly all other dog trainers. It is my hope that on this website I can help you come to that same realization, too. :-)

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