It's Finally Here... For A Limited Time, Give Your Dog A Manners Makeover:
... And Transform Him From "The BRAT"  To 
The Perfect Gentleman (Or Lady):
... And Transform Him From "The BRAT" To The Perfect Gentleman (Or Lady):
Dear Friend,

It's finally here: 

The ULTIMATE Dog Makeover! 

The practical solution for anyone with a "bratty" (but mostly lovable) dog who has some frustrating or annoying bad habits you'd like to fix...
... Giving you the opportunity to start enjoying more compliments and fewer complaints about your dog's behavior.

Like, "I can't believe how GOOD he is!"  

And "Wow, he listens so well!"

All by finding and releasing the "good dog" who already exists in YOUR dog:
Finally, Get Your "Kid" Under Control!
Get Your Brat Under Control With A Total Manners Makeover!

If You've Got A Dog With ANY Of These "BAD DOG" Habits, This "Manners Makeover" Is For You!  

  • Jumping on guests
  • ​Barking
  • ​Stealing food
  • ​Begging for treats
  • ​Jumping on furniture
  • ​Demanding to be pet 
  • ​Rough housing
  • ​Mouthing or nipping
  • ​Getting into the garbage
  • Whining
  • ​Fencing fighting
  • ​Scratching at doors
  • ​Inappropriate licking or sniffing
  • ​Drinking from toilets
  • ​Chewing
  • ​Stealing items like socks
  • ​Guarding favorite items
  • ​Chasing cats & other pets
We're going to give your dog a crash course in canine etiquette... 

... A "Manners Makeover" that transforms your dog from a total terror who is "too excited" and "doesn't listen" into a calm, easygoing dog that everyone loves. 

Because with the help of "Perfect At Home" you'll finally own a dog who will:
  • Think for himself...
  • ​Use important environmental cues to choose good behavior
  • ​Exercise will power and self control
... All without bribes or punishment! 

Solves The Problem Missed By 
99% Of The OTHER Dog Trainers:

Solves The Problem Missed By 99% Of The OTHER Dog Trainers:

Most dog training schools and courses fail to solve the most important problem you'll face:

They show you how to teach your dog basic obedience commands like sit, stay, and come. 

But they don't teach your dog to THINK FOR HIMSELF!
For example, you've trained your dog to...
  • Lay quietly on his dog bed... but he goes CRAZY and won't stay there when the doorbell rings or guests arrive!
  • ​Stay off your couch... but as soon as you leave the room, he jumps up and settles down for a nap!
  • ​Never jump on YOU... but he's always jumping on other people!
  • ​Never STEAL food off counters... but he's sneaks food off low tables, kids' plates, etc.
  • ​"Ask" to go outside to pee... but he's driving you crazy, scratching doors or barking to be let in and out all the time!
  • ​Be "quiet" when you're home... but as soon as you leave, he goes crazy barking and crying.
  • ​Be affectionate with you ... but he's always BUGGING YOU for more pets, shoving you with his nose.
In each situation, you've made the effort to teach your dog basic obedience.

But to your embarrassment and EXTREME FRUSTRATION, your dog can't seem to apply these lessons to NEW SITUATIONS that involve different temptations! 

And let's face it...

It's Just So Darn Embarrassing To Own
A Dog Who Simply Won't Behave!

It's Just So Darn Embarrassing To Own A Dog Who Simply Won't Behave!

You find yourself saying things like:

"He's not normally like this..."

"I don't know why he's acting like this..."

And "I'm SORRY, let me put him away." 

You know house guests are secretly rolling their eyes.  Strangers are judging you. 

And you feel like a bad dog owner. 

Like you've failed. 
But at the same time you're frustrated and, quite frankly, a little ticked off. 

Because it's not like you're NOT TRYING!!!

But It's NOT Your Fault!

Look, I can't emphasize enough... 

It's NOT YOUR FAULT if your dog is continuing to misbehave.

And training your dog a whole bunch of new commands WILL NOT fix this problem because your dog still won't understand how to apply any single command to new situations or challenges.

There's a disconnect here.  A missing link that needs to be repaired. 

You've Given Your Dog The BASICS...
Now Help Him Link It All Together!

You've Given Your Dog The BASICS... Now Help Him Link It All Together!

We all know you can bribe a dog to "sit" with a tasty sausage treat.

But how do you get the dog to perform this same behavior when guests show up, he's bouncing off the walls with excitement, and he's DEAF to every command you issue?
This is where my "Perfect At Home: House Manners Training For Dogs" comes into play.

Teach Your Dog To Apply What He's Learned To New And More Challenging Situations!

Once you learn how to teach your dog to think for himself and understand that certain things are simply "OFF LIMITS" no matter what, life with your dog immediately becomes easier.

It'll be like someone flipped a switch in your dog's brain.

You'll actually SEE the lights come on!

No More Constantly Telling Him "No... Bad Dog!"

... And you'll just sit back and watch as your dog obeys your household rules on autopilot, without any intervention from you.

As you're about to see, "OFF LIMITS" training is just that powerful!

Because it includes step-by-step video demonstrations that help you deal with more than 43 behavior issues faced by the average dog owner including.

No More Jumping Up Or Pushing!

Does your dog STAMPEDE the door when guests arrive?

In "Perfect At Home," I'll show you the secret to training your dog to stay off ALL guests to your home and respect their personal space... 

So you don't have to panic and hold your lunging dog back every time the doorbell rings.

We'll cover all the personal space training issues including:
  • No jumping on people (adults, kids & babies)
  • ​Staying off ANYONE who sits or lays on the floor
  • ​No lunging in your face when you bend over
  • ​Staying out of your face while you're putting on shoes
  • ​No frantic running to the door when guests come
  • ​No jumping on ANYONE, especially guests
  • ​Staying quietly "on bed" when guests come to the door
  •  Remaining calm when people knock at the door
  • ​No more crotch sniffing
  • ​No hand licking or face licking
  • ​No bumping your hand or arms for pets
... Plus, I'll also show you how to create "invisible barriers" that keep dogs from entering certain areas of your home like the kitchen or bathrooms!

(This is great way to head off toilet bowl drinking and counter thieves!)
No More Begging, No STEALING Food!
(And - Stay OUT Of The Garbage)
No Begging, No STEALING Food! (And - Stay OUT Of The Garbage)
Is your dog a mooch, underfoot and begging at every meal? 

Or worse, is your dog a thief ... stealing food off counters and low tables? 

Not only is this a nuisance, it can actually be a DANGEROUS habit for your dog  as it makes him vulnerable to poisoning by strangers or common household substances like anti-freeze! 

In "Perfect At Home:  House Manners Training For Dogs" I'll help make your mealtimes stress-free and reduce worries about potential poisoning by showing you the secret to keeping your dog away from ALL food.

So there will be...
  • No begging for food at the dinner table
  • ​No eating items on the ground without permission
  • ​No stealing food off low tables
  • ​No taking food off kitchen counters
  • ​Respecting your space when you have food in hand
  • ​No stealing food from ANYONE!
  • ​No staring at you for food
  • ​No taking food from strangers without permission
Plus, we'll show you how to get your dog to work WITHOUT food rewards!

If your dog is food motivated and you can't get him to perform without a treat, this is for you. Because we'll show you how to get the SAME results without using food bribes all the time.
No More Stealing My Stuff!
No Chewing, No Shredding, No TOUCHING!
If your dog "wrecks your stuff"... no matter how big or minimal the damage... you'll want to pay close attention to these lessons. 

Because I'll be showing you my Ninja Training Principles that will ensure your dog respects your household rules and personal property without being asked, including:
  • Stay off all furniture, including couches and beds!
  • ​Come on furniture only when called! 
  • ​No touching household garbage indoors!
  • ​No lunging at garbage on the street!
  • ​No guarding favorite toys or items!
  • ​Learn to "LEAVE IT ALONE" without being asked! 
No More Barking... When He's Excited Or Wants Something!
Is your dog quiet when he's in your company...

... But a barking, whining TERROR when separated from you? 

We'll show you how to...
  • Stop whining or barking for your attention
  • ​No barking when you're out of sight
  • ​No barking when you're out for the day
  • ​Stop your dog from barking at the TV
  • ​Stop him from whining for your attention
  • ​No whining or door scratching to be let inside (or out) 
  • ​How to ring a bell when he needs to pee
... Plus much more, all by replacing these NEGATIVE behaviors with positive behaviors, self control, and learned patience!

That's right, we'll be showing you how to teach your dog patience!
No More Chasing Other Animals... Cats, Birds, Or Kids! ;-) 
Learn The Secret To "UNPLUGGING Prey Drive!"
Prey drive is a powerful, sometimes scary, instinct...

Your dog sees a small dog... gerbil... rabbit... or bird running/flying away... Or maybe he even sees a small CHILD running away, and he instinctively moves to chase it.

Some dogs never touch the "thing" they catch. 

Others jump on it to knock it down. 

While others may nip or even bite.

How do you defeat the instinct of "prey drive" so you're not always on edge, wondering when your dog is going to bolt?  

We'll reveal the secrets in "Perfect At Home": 
  • Learn the secret to "unplugging" prey drive
  • ​Stop your dog from running after ALL small children and animals
  • ​Replace the instinct to chase with another behavior
  • ​Prevent your dog from jumping on animals or kids
  • ​Stop your dog from getting TOO EXCITED!
No More Territorial Barking and Fence Fighting!
Got a dog that goes nuts barking whenever someone NEW arrives at your home?  Or, does your dog stand and BARK... BARK... BARK at the window, every time someone walks down the street? 

Good news, in "Perfect At Home," you'll learn the secret to STOPPING this behavior for good....

... Even if your dog has been doing it for years!

Plus, I'll also show you how to STOP FENCE BARKING and FIGHTING.

It's another embarrassing behavior I'll help you get rid of for good!
Advanced Training Secrets Normally Reserved
For Professional Dog Trainer Certification Programs

(I'm Talking About Programs That Cost $1,500-$4,500
That Would NORMALLY Take 4-12 Months To Complete!)

Solving any ONE of these dog behavioral issues with the help of a professional dog trainer would cost you a minimum of $100 for a one-hour session.

That's because REAL dog trainers spend $1000s on their education, with certification costing anywhere from $1,500-$4,500 in tuition, plus time off work, commuting to school, etc.

My goal with this "Perfect At Home" video training series is to teach you the core principles of dog psychology, motivation, and communication... In a concise, inexpensive way that empowers you to problem solve with your own dog on a multitude of issues.
So you're ready to fix all kinds of problem behaviors using strategies like...
  • My 3D Training System that bomb proofs your dog for any challenge by showing you how to vary duration, distance, and difficulty!
  • ​Train your dog to withstand challenges FAR MORE difficult than any he'd experience in real life. 
  • ​Make your dog LONG to obey and please you! 
  • ​Teach your dog to actively look for ENVIRONMENTAL CUES to guide his behavior (i.e. think for himself)!
  • ​Learn how to REVERSE problems you've accidentally caused! 
  • ​The Random Rewarding Principle:  shows you how NOT rewarding your dog can actually make him work HARDER to please you!
  • ​Train your dog to be calm, relaxed, and patient in ANY situation.
  • ​The concept of "Accidental Attention" - the most powerful reward we make the mistake of giving our dogs, and how to recognize and fix it. 
  • ​Why punishing your dog often BACKFIRES... and a BETTER SOLUTIONS!
  • ​Teach your dog the concept of DELAYED GRATIFICATION.  (Teaches patience and leads to an overall calmer, more stable dog.) 
These are secrets you will simply not find in any other household dog training book on the planet, because this goes FAR BEYOND the standard basic obedience that's normally taught.

And you get it all WITHOUT spending $100s on private consultations with professional dog trainers...

... And WITHOUT spending $1500-$4500+ on professional dog trainer certification! Yet it's GUARANTEED to work on any age or breed of dog.

In fact, as you watch the video demos, you'll see that we used a wide variety of dogs in our filming including a mastiff, pitbull, jack russell, lab mix, golden retriever, and more!
You Get Everything Seen Here:
Grab your copy of "Perfect At Home" before Wednesday, March 4th at 11:59 p.m. PST and you'll automatically get everything seen here, including: 
  • The Advanced OFF LIMITS Training Principles Video: 
    This is my "train the trainer" program, educating you in key dog psychology, motivation, and communication techniques normally reserved for professional dog trainers.
  • The Common Mistakes That Create BAD Lifetime Habits Video:
    It's like having Supernanny For Dogs come into your home and give you insights into what you're doing WRONG training your dog.
  • 14 Videos Helping You Get Rid of "Bad Dog" Behaviors For Good:
    All live training demos with REAL dogs and REAL people that show you exactly how to deal with the most common household dog behavior issues outlined throughout this letter.  
  • ​It's a total of 282 minutes of video education:
    In dog training, psychology, behavior, communication, and motivation designed to give you practical, real-life solutions to more than 43 common 'bad dog' behavior issues!
  • ​And it's all broken down into 17 video segments:
    Making it easy to jump to videos that are most relevant to your current training problems TODAY!
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The Furbo Dog WIFI Camera & Treat Tosser!
See And Talk To Your Dog While You're Away At Work Or Running Errands.  Livestream Video!

  • LIVESTREAM VIDEO of your dog with HD camera and night vision. 
  • SEE and TALK to your dog, while you're away at work. 
  • ​BARKING ALERT ... sends notifications to your phone when your dog is barking.
  • ​TOSS TREATS via the Furbo app on your phone.
  • EASY SET UP, plug it in, connect it to WIFI, download the app, and you're DONE! 

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A Box Full Of The World's Toughest Soft Dog Toys!
Perfect For Dog's Who Destroy "Normal" Dog Toys 

  • Dog toys so tough that sanctuaries give them to lions and tigers to play with!
  • I'll send you this box FULL of the world's toughest PREMIUM "tuff" dog toys.
  • ​Made to last with up to 4 layers of material, sewn together multiple times and reinforced. 
  • ​Squeakers are all attached in protective pouches.  
  • ​Vet recommended + approved.

Win 1 of 4 Toy Boxes Available, Valued At $139 EACH!

PRIZE #3  - 

Petsafe Drinkwell Water Foundation
No More Spilled Bowls, No More Dirty Water... Just Clean Water, All Day Long!

  • Filtered water, fresh all day long! 
  • ​Free-falling water stream encourages your dog to drink more. 
  • ​Easy to clean and BPA-free.
  • ​Large water capacity, with built-in reservoir means fewer refills. 
  •  Keeps your dog healthy and hydrated.

Win 1 of 2 Available, Valued At $49.95 EACH!

PRIZE #4  - 

Dog Car Seat Cover: 
100% Waterproof 
Heavy Duty, Scratch Proof, Nonslip & Durable For The 
Back Seat Of Cars, Trucks & SUVs.

  • 100% waterproof and wearproof, ideal for protecting your car or truck seats from wet, muddy paws! 
  • ​Protects your seats from dirt, liquid, scratches, hair, fur, etc.
  • ​The perfect size, with non-slip surface that ensures your dog's safety.
  • ​Built-in velcro openings for your seat belts. 
  • ​Easy to clean and install with simple buckle straps.  

Win 1 of 2 Available, Valued At $35 EACH!

PRIZE #5  - 

Mud Buster Portable 
Dog Paw Cleaner
Get Those Muddy Paws Clean... BEFORE Your Dog Comes Inside!

  • Clever design makes it easy to clean muddy dog paws!
  • ​To use, a little water, insert your dog's muddy paw, and twist.
  • ​Gentle silicone bristles will help remove dirt and mud ... 
  • ​Keeps the mess in the Mudbuster (and out of your house)!
  • ​Simple and easy to use.   Easy to clean. 

Win 1 of 5 Available, Valued At $12.54 EACH!

But Hurry...!   60% OFF DEAL + Prize Draw Entry Closes Soon: 
Wednesday, March 4th at 11:59 p.m. PST
00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
Plus, Don't Forget - You Also Get These
FOUR Exciting Bonus Gifts
(Another $79 Value, Yours FREE!)


Stop Barking And Other Annoying Vocals VIDEO

Teaches your dog to remain silent and resist the urge to bark, even when you're not home or when guests arrive at the door. 


Potty Training ANY Dog, At ANY Age!

Perfect for both new puppies as well as adults with more challenging bad habits you need to break, like peeing in certain areas of your home! 


Train Your Dog To Give Kisses On Command!

A fun command that's particularly useful for "kissy/licky" dogs - helping to get the behavior under control by putting it on command. 


Preventing Territorial Aggression!

An in-depth audio interview giving you precise instructions on how to combat frustrating territorial behaviors like barking through windows and fence fighting. 

My "Don't Blame The Dog"
100% Moneyback Guarantee!

Look, if this Manners Makeover doesn't work to eliminate your dog's worst behavior issues that are making you crazy, wrecking your stuff, and embarrassing you....

... Then don't blame your dog. Blame me. 

I absolutely insist:   

If you can't resolve your dog's #1 behavior issues within 60 days of purchasing "Perfect At Home" -- then I will give you a 100% refund of monies paid.

So you can use the money to invest in FURTHER training or consultations with training professionals.

Because ultimately, I want to see you get results.

And if I can't help you do that, then I don't want your money!

Try It RISK FREE For 60 Days!

So now it's time to decide... 

... Will you continue living with bratty "bad dog" behaviors that cause you so much embarrassment, frustration, time, and money?    

Or will you take me up on my offer? And try "Perfect At Home" for a 60% DISCOUNT:  

Just $39.95 for everything you see here today!

(That's 60% OFF the regular $79.98.) 

Plus, receive automatic entry in the prize draw to win 1 of the 15 prizes valued at $1,157.

And no matter what, take home the BONUS GIFTS valued at an additional $79, for FREE! 

You have my word -- "Perfect At Home" comes with everything you need to transform your dog into the calm, trustworthy, friendly house companion you've always wanted.  

A dog you can trust to listen and obey...

... Even when you're NOT HOME to supervise him! 

So don't wait, try it for 60 days RISK FREE.   Click the button below to complete your order now: 

Try It RISK-FREE For 60 Days With 100% Money Back Guarantee. 

Remember, I'm giving you 60 days to fix your dog's toughest "bad dog" behaviors ... if you don't get the results I've promised, I insist you return it for a 100% refund (but keep the bonus gifts as my way of saying 'thanks' for giving us a try).

Everything you see here is delivered within 5 minutes of purchase. 

Viewing is 100% online, via on-demand videos with REAL DOGS and REAL TRAINERS!  

(Way more practical than reading books, right?)  

So click the "Add To Cart" above to place your order now. And let's get started! 
Meet Your Instructor, 
Chet Womach

Hello there, in case we're meeting for the first time, my name is Chet Womach, and I am compelled by a vision to help simplify how dog owners communicate with their dogs using alternative motivation techniques.

So you can finally have that loyal, obedient dog you've always wanted, without scolding or yelling. 

Unlike most dog trainers, my training philosophy was born out of my early efforts training exotic, undomesticated animals, and my realization that there are a LOT of effective ways to modify behaviors...

... Far more than "the carrot and stick" methods taught by most trainers. 

It is my hope I can help you come to that same realization, too. :-)
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