"Jaws Will Drop When Your Dog
Performs His First Trick..."

...But Expect A Standing Ovation and
 A Lot of Wow That's YOUR Dog Gasps By
The Time His LAST Trick Is Over!

From Chet Womach

Author of the #1 ‘Hands Off’ Dog Training Program

Founder of TheDogTrainingSecret.com

An Invitation To All Dog ‘Parents’:

It never gets old...The laughter and looks of pure
amazement when friends see my dogs perform. 

It's especially fun when I get on a roll...

... And one of my star canine students slams through their repertoire of 30+ 'quick' tricks, one after the other.

Dance... roll over... play dead... speak... left turn... right turn... high five... sing... sneeze... smile... wag your tail... give kisses... bark... howl... belly crawl... back up... and so many more.

The complexity of the tricks... the speed at which they perform... and the obvious JOY radiating from my dogs as they run through trick after trick... well, it's a delight to witness.

And then, it's especially fun when we transition from these 'quick tricks' into one of our famous skits.

Like our Who’s Your Favorite Dwarf Skit... where I ask my dog, 'Who’s your favorite dwarf -- cueing a SNEEZE! (Kids love this one...) 

Or the You Should Be Embarrassed Skit! I love this routine... Because the word 'embarrassed' cues your dog to lie down and put his paws over his muzzle when you say something like ‘Okay, Who Made That TERRIBLE Smell?’... or 'Who Ate All The Cookies?'

... People are always amazed when they see dogs perform these mini-skits. And when we're done, I always get comments like:

"That's freakin' AWESOME... I wish my dog could do that!"

"Wow... your dog is so smart!"

"How did you teach your dog so many tricks?"

"Incredible! My dog could NEVER do that..."

"Those tricks must take FOREVER to train...!"

... Comments like these always make me smile!

Because while I do love the ego boost of a good compliment (who doesn't?? ;-), the truth is, any dog can be taught to perform a large trick repertoire like this!

And now, I want to prove it to you...

For the next 72 hours only, celebrate the re-release of my BRAND-NEW guide to advanced trick training:

Standing Ovation Trick Training
31 FUN Tricks, Commands & Skits You Can Train Any Dog To AMAZE And 'WOW' Audiences!
...I'm giving away unlimited copies for a HUGE 40% Discount!
(with the goal of attracting testimonials from the sale of these discounted copies to promote future sales!)
  I'll Show You More Than 30 Tricks You Can
Train In Just 3 To 7 Days!
... Spend A Few Days Practicing Each One. And Then
You're Ready To Show Off Your New Skills! 
(Note: A Few Of The More Advanced Tricks Will Take A Little Longer To Teach. But
The More Tricks You Teach, The FASTER Your Dog Will Learn New Ones!) 

This trick training guide is going to twist your brain...

Everything you THOUGHT you knew about dog training is going to fly out the window. Because instead of it being difficult... or hard... or work...

... I'm going to show you how YOUR DOG can easily be taught to perform more than 36 tricks and skits in as little as 3 to 7 days per trick! (Some more advanced tricks will take longer to perfect... other tricks you'll teach in a single training session.)

And again, the more tricks you teach your dog, the faster he will learn NEW tricks!

I don't even care what breed your dog is... or how old your dog is. I mean absolutely ANY dog can learn these tricks.

And I know for a fact THIS WORKS because I've seen these SAME trick training secrets work for rescue dogs that were labeled 'untrainable' by shelters.

The key is knowing how to break down more complex behaviors into 'teachable lessons' and 'baby steps' that your dog can be trained, one at a time!

And that's what 'Standing Ovation Trick Training' will teach you how to do!

Tricks and skits you'll learn to teach your dog include:

... And (of course), we’ll show you how to end every performance with ‘Take A Bow’ -- cueing the raucous applause and standing ovation from your audience!

Have A Blast While Mentally Challenging,
Exercising, And Exhausting Your Dog!

(Because a GOOD dog is a TIRED dog...)

Many dog owners find 'basic obedience' training B-O-R-I-N-G.

And once you're done teaching 'sit... down... stay' ... well, what's left?

Standing Ovation Trick Training gives you a massive list of 30+ FUN trick training ideas that you can use to mentally challenge your dog while also exercising him!

And the foundation skills you'll learn together as part of this e-book will allow you to EASILY come up with new, original tricks and skits once you've finished training those outlined in the guide. Because you'll easily see how the tricks are broken down into 'baby steps' that your dog can learn one at a time.

Once you understand how to break down tricks into teachable 'baby steps'- and you see how professional dog trainers link these steps together into more complex tricks and skits - the only limit will be your imagination!

You'll have the skills to train ANY TRICK you can dream up!

Trick training is a powerful way to strengthen the relationship between you and your dog. Your dog will learn that listening to you is FUN... and REWARDING. Plus, it's a great way to relax with your dog while exercising him.

The best dogs are the ones that are mentally AND physically tired at the end of the day!

And I'm sure you'll agree... it will be a lot of fun SHOWING OFF your dog's skills to friends and family. I've always found it motivating, preparing my dog to perform a new skit for my friends...

And trust me - your dog will LOVE the laughter and attention, too. 

Most dogs love to show off when it means they're rewarded with extra pets and cuddles!

Get The COMPLETE Guide With 30+ Tricks & Skits
For A Generous 40% DISCOUNT!

Very soon, I plan to sell printed copies of 'Standing Ovation Trick Training' for $49.95 -- a price easily justified by the MASSIVE 100-page repertoire of original commands, tricks, and skits that it contains!

However, for a limited time, in an effort to generate testimonials to help promote the book in the future, we’ve decided to offer the book as an electronic download (a PDF file) for a very Special 40% DISCOUNT... saving you $20.00!

So you get all the tricks, commands, and skits outlined here for just $29.95.

However, I want to emphasize again, this sale price is available for 72 hours only!

Comes With 3 Exciting Bonus Tricks
Taught In Video Lessons

(An Additional $19.95 value... yours FREE!) 
Bonus Trick #1...
Bring Me a Beer (or Soda)

This complex trick teaches your dog to go the fridge, open it, and retrieve your choice of soda or beer.

We’ll show how to break down this multi-step trick - and then link all the pieces together into one simple command (bring me a beer). Your friends will never get tired of seeing this one... and your dog will LOVE having a job that rewards him with loads of praise and laughter.

(Here's a campy video of a friend who has trained this trick!)

Bonus #2...
The Get Rich Trick...Picking Up Coins

Most dogs don't like the taste of metal in their mouths. And most
find picking up TINY objects difficult... So imagine the looks on your friend's faces when your dog starts retrieving loose change off the floor - and bringing it to you!

(Also a great way to find 'loose change' in local parks... Let your dog buy the next coffee! ;-)

(A colleague at it again... see it in action!)

Bonus #3...
Bang, You're A Dead Dog!

Here’s a classic trick that can be incorporated into many fun skits. With ‘Bang, you’re dead,’ you’ll teach your dog to throw himself on the ground and kick his feet up in the air. Below you’ll see a basic example of this trick, but you’ll learn to take it even further, with a dog whose head is down on the ground, lying absolutely FROZEN.

Try It RISK FREE For 60 Days...
Comes With 100% Money Back Guarantee

And like you’d expect of any of our dog training programs, ‘Standing Ovation Trick Training’ comes with a generous money back guarantee that gives you a full 60 days to review and train the tricks.

If you’re not completely satisfied, simply request a full and immediate refund. We’ll honor your request, no questions asked.

YES, I want to order the "Standing Ovation Trick Training" eBook NOW. I know it comes with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Don’t forget… This 40% DISCOUNT OFFER will expire in 72 hours!

Don’t forget… This 40% DISCOUNT OFFER will expire in 72 hours!
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