Are You Walking The Dog… Or Is Your Dog Walking You?

Here’s How To Stop Being Dragged... And Finally Start Enjoying Your Walks Together! 
Dear Dog Parent,

If you want to finally STOP being dragged by your dog… 

(And start actually ENJOYING your walks!) 

… I have great news:  

Even older dogs, set in their ways, can be taught to walk calmly by your side, without:
  • Dragging you down the street, while you cling to the leash
  • ​Yanking your arm
  • ​Painfully hurting your shoulder with all that relentless pulling
  • ​Cutting off blood circulation in your hands
  • ​Tripping you (causing BREAKS or even SPRAINS when you fall!) 
  • ​Tangling your legs in the leash
  • ​Surprising you with sudden lunges at other dogs  
  • ​Ignoring your pleas to "heal"
And you can finally start enjoying RELAXING... FUN... PEACEFUL... PREDICTABLY CALM walks with your dog, as often as you like.

With no more fear, frustration, or risk of injury!
In case we’ve never met, my name is Chet Womach.

I’ve been a professional dog trainer for over 15 years now!  

And one of the most common problems I solve for my clients is leash pulling! 

It's a bad habit that’s dangerous for you, the dog owner AND your dog! 

It not only makes walking your dog ANYWHERE an unpleasant struggle, it puts you AND your dog at risk of both minor and more serious injuries! 

So on the page that follows, I’m going to share a simple yet powerful technique that will… 
Put You Back In Charge Of 
Your Dog's Attention ...
Until You're Fully In Control Of Your Dog, Enjoying Relaxing Walks Together... With No More Leash Pulling!
But first, before I explain how you can achieve this with some powerful yet simple training techniques, let me share a quick but relevant story with you.

It may help you out. 

I recently met a lady in her mid 50s. 

She owns a huge 60-pound German Shepherd Dog named “Max.” 
Before we met, there were days she could stroll with Max to the park and have a good time. Because he’d be on his best behavior.

But the next day, it would all go to hell. 

She told me she remembers being on the sidewalk for only two minutes and immediately feeling embarrassed and thinking, ‘Here we go again…’ 

They would fight every step of the way. Max would go left when she wanted to go right. 

Max would suddenly start chasing smaller animals like a squirrel or rabbit that raced by – even if she was desperately trying to hold him back with all the strength she had. 

It reached the point where Max was WALKING HER!  

She was just one emotional hair-trigger away from saying, “This is the last time I take him out in public…” 

Because the truth was simple: 

Walking Max began to scare her. 
All the dragging... and sudden lunging... and pulling on the leash... kept her off-balance when she was trying to walk Max.

She didn't feel SAFE.  She didn't feel in control.  

And she was worried that, one day soon, she was going to have a more serious fall!

And sprain an ankle... break a bone... even dislocate her shoulder! 

And as painful and costly as it would be to overcome injuries like these… 

... She'd also have nobody to take care of the dog. 

Super FRUSTRATING, right?  

She couldn’t enjoy one of the most fun and loving activities of being a dog owner.  No matter how much she wanted. 

And it’s not like she didn’t try to improve the situation. 

She spent almost $1000 working with different trainers. She bought many “obedience training” programs off the Internet. 

Yet nothing really worked. 

Deep inside, she felt disappointed. 

Especially when seeing neighbors walk their own dogs early in the morning. 
Fortunately, I’m The Kind Of Guy Who Believes There's ALWAYS A Solution...
The technique I use to teach this is called “Attention Control.”

And I’ll tell you all about it in a second... 

But first, I’ll finish my story… 

So I began working with the lady and her big German Shepherd, Max. And in just a few short weeks, her life instantly changed forever.  

Because with my help and training techniques…

  • Her dog naturally improved his behavior to the point where she could walk him anywhere, without him pulling or tugging the leash. These days, people are amazed seeing them strolling down the street. (More than one neighbor came up to greet her and compliment Max for his polite behavior!)
  • She discovered how to command and direct her dog’s attention. And how to keep him calm and relaxed so that he doesn’t overreact to distractions.
  • She felt great coming home from every walk. No more pain or soreness in her arm, shoulder, back, or neck from holding her dog back. And she felt proud that she and Max were getting healthy levels of exercise!
  • ​Plus, incredibly...
Walking Her Dog No Longer Felt Like A “Chore”:
It Was Now Safe AND FUN... Every Time!
And it just got better and better. 

She never had to worry about her dog dragging her around and leaving her exhausted. 
And she became absolutely confident to bring him anywhere because she knew Max wouldn’t “flip out” or cause an embarrassing scene.

Max was a totally new and improved dog who could focus on just her and the path ahead.  

Almost as if it were a work of magic… 
The Magic Behind These Changes:
You see, my training techniques have almost nothing to do with me... and everything to do with a concept I learned from the trainer you see in the video below...

I call it Attention Control, which involves fully controlling your dog’s attention levels. 
You Can Teach Your Dog To Ignore Distractions, And Walk Politely With You, TOO!
Dogs lunge and PULL because it’s in their DNA to behave this way!

They are creatures biologically designed to get excited easily.   

If they see something interesting to them, they’re drawn toward it. It’s their nature.  
Yet let’s not forget that’s another reason why we love our dogs.  

They’re a bundle of joy. 

And you don’t have to change this about your dog. At all. 

In fact, you can use it to your advantage with what I’m about to share with you. 

My whole approach teaches your dog to divert his attention to you in an instant. This naturally gives you the power to control him better. 
And you can hold his attention until you pass by a busy or crowded area.

Or suspicious street.  

Or just to get to a destination faster. 

It all works when you have the commands that I’m going to share with you.

Because I'm going to teach you how to naturally GET and KEEP your dog's attention.  

Let me give you a closer look at the strategies I’m going to share with you. 
The "Watch Me" Game
This technique allows you to command your dog NOT to react to other dogs.  

It begins with identifying what I call “low vs. high level distractions”...

(You’ll find out more about it later.)

You’ll see us train with an 8-year-old Pembroke Welsh Corgi named Diesel. Before, he would bark and growl at passing dogs. 

Now, he’s perfectly okay strolling past other dogs while focusing on his Mom.
The "Look Away" Game
The "Look Away" game is a training technique that I mastered with Rex, a four-year-old Boxer (who you’ll meet later). 

When you approach a distracting environment, you can prepare for it and tell him to ‘look away’. And he’ll look away from whatever was stealing his attention. 

During this training, you’ll see a live demonstration where I bring Rex to an open lawn where we approach another dog together. 

And I use my technique to divert his attention away from the dog and back to me.
The "Mirror" Game
This game shows you how to walk right on by other dogs. 

You’ll see how we train Lexi, a rescue Pitbull. 

She was once a very wild and unfocused pup because she had no way of getting her energy out. Her dad had trouble taking her out on walks. 

And she used to easily get distracted by birds, small animals, dogs, and people.

You’re going to see her learn to start to relax and be more focused on walking. 

Even while someone is walking their dog close to her. 
Proof This Really Works...
Watch this short video below, featuring all these dogs who've been trained using these techniques being walked by the SAME PERSON! 

Notice a dog passes by, on the other side of the street? 

All the dogs but one keep their eyes forward, and continue calmly on their walk.  Only ONE DOG glances over at the other dog passing by ...

NONE of the dogs react!  No pulling, no barking... nothing! 

This is what "Walking Calmly" can do for YOUR RELATIONSHIP with YOUR DOG!
And That's Just For Starters...
There's MUCH MORE...
Of course, these are JUST THREE parts of the overall "walking calmly" training program that I'm going to share with you.

Use it for just 7-14 days, and I promise, you'll see... 

You can change the way your dog interacts with you, on leash, in public FOREVER! 

And because I understand that every dog is different, I’m always available to help you apply what you learn in Walking Calmly. 

Because it’s important to me that my clients: 
  • Feel happy about walking your dog, and not have to feel worried about risking your health or putting yourself in danger.  
  • See your dog behave at his best, all the time, especially around his friends, family, neighbors and even new people, too. No more being embarrassed!
  • Experience the most exciting and adventurous time with your dog. While getting results in the fastest way possible!
That's why I put this program together: 
You'll get everything you see here, including:
  • How to instantly teach your dog the “Mirror” game! (You’ll have a dog that matches your walking speed, even as he stays calm and relaxed the whole time!)
  • How to teach your dog to be less reactive… and immediately enjoy safe and stress-free walks together! (Your dog will be calm and focused… and won’t go ballistic at the sight of other dogs, new people, moving cars, or small animals!)
  • ​In just 20-minutes, be able to walk up to other people that want to greet you! (You’ll enjoy more social encounters, even as you get compliments from neighbors, friends, and family about how well-behaved your dog is!)
  • ​How to instantly correct your dog’s habit of tugging, lunging, and pulling the leash! (You’ll protect your body and limbs whenever you walk together… and you’ll never feel like you’re risking your health!)
  • ​The SINGLE secret to a dog that can control his own impulses! (You’ll build the confidence to walk your dog anywhere — without worrying about pain and soreness in your arms, shoulders, neck, and back!)
  • ​The 2 secrets to a calm and relaxing walk with your dog! (Even while you appreciate the greenery and serenity of the outdoors… get some healthy exercise…. and strengthen your bond with your dog!)
  • ​A closer look at how and why some owners can easily walk their dogs anywhere 
  • ​Three ways to anticipate and prevent your dog from bolting toward another dog.
  • ​How to know when your dog is about to lunge forward before it happens… how to “reset” his attention back to you… and get him to keep walking calmly forward.
  • ​The SINGLE factor that usually determines if your dog is ready to walk anywhere with you.
  • ​What NEVER to do when a “stray” dog starts running toward you… Plus, how to safely escape if necessary.
  • ​How to teach your dog to instantly turn his attention away from something and focus ONLY on you. He’ll learn to ignore distractions on command and wait for your instructions instead.
  • ​The ONLY 2 scenarios where you should NEVER tighten your leash… even if it’s to protect your dog from harm’s way.
  • ​Never be embarrassed by your dog’s behavior again! (No more being seen getting pulled or dragged around by your dog. And you can feel confident inviting people to come say ‘Hi!’)
  • ​How to teach your dog excellent leash manners! (You’ll never worry about losing your dog or spending hours trying to find him, because he’s always on his best behavior!)
  • ​In just 30-minutes, you’ll begin feeling safe knowing there won’t be aggressive confrontations with neighbors or other dogs.
Now, can my unique approach to training your dog really make that kind of difference in his behavior?

You bet it can!  

Just listen to what other dog owners who have tried my program are saying: 
Success Stories From Dog Owners Like You!
"Exactly What I Needed For My Beagles!" 
"This is exactly what I need for my Beagles! This time of year is torture because they see every rabbit, squirrel, and robin as a threat to be barked at and chased away. This training makes a ton of sense." -- Valerie Reum 
"I Work With Rescues, This Works Every Time! LOVE IT!!!" 
"I love this… I work in the rescue world as a foster for labs and lab mixes. I cannot tell you how many times THIS has saved the day!  This exercise has helped me personally feel equipped to help a dog become safe around cats, chickens (I know labs are bird dogs ... they said it couldn't be done but it can with this exercise!), and other wildlife...  To help a dog no longer chase cars, not be reactive as other dogs pass, be calm when guests come.  

If I could only teach a dog one exercise, it would be this one!  Thanks for sharing it in this easy to follow format! I shared it with my rescue group (I hope that is OK).   I could not see how to post pictures, but if you tell me how, I've got some!" -- Stacey Carstens Bell 
"I Love How POSITIVE This Technique Is!" 
"I love this idea and how positive this technique is. My one year old golden with the attention of a gnat is truly learning.  Actually, I am learning and she is responding to my consistency!” 
-- Marilyn Scalo
"This Trick Got His Attention… No Chasing!" 
"It works!!! Our puppy is bonkers for the doorbell, us coming home, any other person and pulls hard on the leash -- he loves playing 'keep-away' with any sock or undies he can get his mouth on.
The look away trick got his attention and we didn't have to chase!  He looked at ME for instruction.  
Still lots of work to do, but wow... "  -- Joy-Dennis Michael-McMahon 
Imagine What This Could Do For Your Relationship With YOUR Dog!
Now, are these owners any different than you?

No, of course they’re not. 

They represent the old and new, passionate and first-time dog owners who simply want better behavior walking their dogs. 

The only thing they did was put their doubts aside and give this technique an honest try. 

If you, too, can simply put your doubts aside for a short time, you can see for yourself just what it's like to have a dog that can naturally focus his attention.  

And stop the pulling and tugging habits that make walking difficult and at times even dangerous. And you’ll feel secure knowing that your health is always protected. 

Just imagine it… 
As you easily go through the training and start seeing steady improvements right away. You may crack a smile over how much better you’ll feel about yourself.

You’ll see a whole new side to your dog, where you now look forward to strolling outdoors with him because he's more obedient. 

And as you see your dog learn to move at your pace, traveling by your side, you’ll be able to walk more often and travel longer distances together, to the point where you can confidently take your dog anywhere, because he’ll be on his best behavior. 

And you'll finally begin enjoying the calm and relaxing activity every dog owner deserves to have. 
Get It For A 75% DISCOUNT
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00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
Now, let me fill you in on what the deal is.

Usually a program like mine costs at least $100 given the amount of research and video editing that gets put into it. 

And normally I sell it for $27. 
But for the next 72-hours only, as my “BACK TO SCHOOL” sale, I’m prepared to let you try it for 75% OFF… just $7
It’s a small investment cost that could transform you and your dog’s lives, usually in 1-2 weeks. 

And from the testimonials I’ve shared with you earlier, you can see how my program delivers real results. There’s no other trainer doing what I’m doing.

And know this: most other dog trainers – if they delivered what I’m about to give you in this program, would charge you $100 for this program. Probably more. 

So I’m proud of the deal I’m offering you now. 

Plus, I will also throw in a special bonus, as my way of saying “thanks” for giving my program a try: 
Bonus Gifts... Yours FREE!
How To Read ANY DOG'S Body Language And Tail Wags! 
Gift #1
Gift #2
In these TWO easy-to-read guides, I’ll show you how to read the body language of any dog:

Looking at how they’re wagging their tail!  

And how they’re holding themselves!  

So you can instantly guess what any dog is thinking or feeling.  

This skill is useful for the dog owners. 

Use it to not only prevent dog attacks...  

... But also SPEED UP the training of YOUR dog!  

It’s an additional $19.95 value. Yours FREE.   
Try It Risk FREE For 60 Days With My:
100% Money-Back Guarantee
And, just so you don’t feel like you’re taking any risk here…

You should know that it comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. 

So you can try it RISK FREE for the next 2 months.  

Here’s how: order my program and use it. 

If you’re not taking the most pleasant and relaxing walks with your dog, anywhere you go… then I don’t want your money. Just shoot me an email or a phone call and I’ll guarantee you get a prompt and courteous refund. 

But I’m confident as you go through the training, you’ll see the results you want, fast. 

So take action today and click the add-to-cart button below to get started. 
Look, this program can change your life as a dog owner forever. I guarantee if you follow the simple steps in the program that we’ve laid out for you, you’ll see huge changes in your dog’s ability to:
  • Walk calmly beside you without jumping, lunging, or tugging and pulling the leash
  • ​Pay attention to you during walks and not lose focus. Which means you can freely observe the trees, say Hi to people, enjoy the outdoors and the exercise you naturally get.
  • Have the confidence to walk more when you feel like it. Or walk longer distances. Or explore new areas without worrying your dog may run off or make it difficult.

Take action now so you can have the enjoyable and satisfying walks with your dog you always wanted.


Chet Womach , Owner & Founder

P.S. – Please take action and own your copy today while you’re still reading. There’s no risk, no reason at all not to try this amazing package for yourself. 

P.P.S. – The incredible bonus I have for you is NOT found anywhere else. I guarantee it.  So take full advantage today and finally correct your dog’s bad and unwanted habits while out for walks together. 
Yes, I Want My Dog To Walk Calmly For Just $7

About The Creator, Chet Womach

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In case we haven’t met before, my name is Chet Womach, and I am compelled by a vision to help simplify how dog owners communicate with their dogs, so that they can finally have the loyal, obedient dog they've always wanted.

Without resorting to scolding, yelling, or punishment!

Unlike most dog trainers, my training philosophy was born out of my early efforts training exotic, undomesticated animals.  These experiences opened my eyes and made me realize—there are a LOT of effective ways to motivate and train animals…

… Training methods that are far more sophisticated than the typical “carrot and stick” methods taught by nearly all other dog trainers. It is my hope that on this website I can help you come to that same realization, too. :-)

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